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Accreditation or recognition by relevant professional bodies ensures that the program meets industry standards. Check with the institution for accreditation details.

TARDI is registered with the SAVC and authorised by the SAVC to perform certain functions of an animal health technician.

The curriculum often includes courses in animal anatomy, physiology, nutrition, diseases, pharmacology, veterinary practices, and practical hands-on training.

For graduates with a deep passion for animal care and welfare, the field of veterinary medicine offers a myriad of career paths. One option is to become a veterinary assistant, providing essential support to veterinarians in the compassionate care of animals. Alternatively, graduates can pursue roles as animal health technicians, engaging in diagnostic tests, treatment of illnesses, and performing crucial medical procedures. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can venture into independent practice, offering valuable services to pet owners. Beyond clinical roles, opportunities abound in research, teaching, policy-making, and animal advocacy within the veterinary industry. Whether one envisions specializing in a specific animal species or desires a broader focus in general animal medicine, the field provides a diverse range of opportunities for exploration and professional growth.

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Diploma in Animal Health
Duration (Full Time) :
3 Years
NQF Level :