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Subject to the provisions of the Council of Higher Education Act and the South African Veterinary Council requirements for Animal Health Technicians, the following in consultation with the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform shall determine admission to the institution. The principal aim of the Admissions Policy of the Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development Institute is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial considerations.

Furthermore, TARDI aims to ensure fairness that each application is individually assessed, without partiality or bias, in accordance with the policy on Equity, and to ensure that, as far as possible, an applicant’s chance of admission to TARDI depends solely on merit. Once students are admitted, we endeavour to deliver a unique TARDI experience by giving academic, personal and, where appropriate and possible, financial support necessary for successful completion of the three year course at TARDI. Admission means approval to report for registration at the Institute as a student, irrespective of whether or not the prospective student has previously been registered as a student at the Institute.

Rules of Admission

  1. The applicant must have a National Senior Certificate (with Diploma pass option).
  2. The applicant must have achieved a minimum of 24 points in total. The points equal the level for each subject on the certificate (e.g. English level 4 = 4 points), (Excluding Life Orientation)
  3. The applicant must not have more than one subject at level 1 if six subjects or not more than 2 at level 1 if seven or more subjects were done at matric.
  4. The applicant must have a pass in English at level 3 or higher.
  5. The applicant must have a pass in Mathematics at level 3 or higher.
  6. The applicant must have a pass in Life Sciences or Physical Sciences at level 3 or higher.

Ranking Criteria

All applications that meet the minimum requirements defined above under 1.2. will be ranked according to the following criteria.

  1. Level 4 or higher in Mathematics.
  2. Level 4 or higher in English.
  3. More than one science subject on the National Senior Certificate.
  4. Amount of points in total.