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Excellence Through Practice Innovation Entrepreneurship

Global Perspective and Sub-Continental Influence
Application of Adaptive Agricultural Research
Career Impact and Aspirations

Unleashing Potential, Cultivating Excellence

Beacon of high-quality education in Animal Health and Rural Development, shaping a brighter future for diverse communities in the Eastern Cape and the world.

Diploma In Animal Health

Basic Animal Biology
Animal Health and Diseases
Animal Health Technicians
Animal Nutrition
Veterinary Care and Procedures
Clinical Skills


A commitment to leading education in Animal Health and Rural Development.

Graduated in 2020
Luhle Mantshiyose

“I Started studying at Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development Institue in 2017 and Graduated 2020. At TARDI they made sure we do more practical work as much as theory that made it easier for me when i had to start working. Being exposed to clinical cases, PAHC, vaccination campaigns and sterilization while still a student prepares you for all that you have to do when qualifed

Graduated in 2020
Ndyebo Ngqele

“I am currently managing a clinic at SPCA where we prevent animal cruelty. The TARDI qualification has been instrumental in making their clinic operational again. Upon my arrival, I found that the clinic had been closed for the past months. Thanks to TARDI qualification, the clinic is now up and running, allowing us to continue providing much-needed care and support to animal’s need.”

Graduated in 2022
Sinqobile Zulu

“The qualification of animal health from TARDI has contributed a lot in my career as i am now working in Veterinary Technology Services and Market livestock and ploultry production at Boehringer Ingelheim SA – an international pharmaceutical company for both Human and Animal health originating in Germany making it the only branch here is SA

Graduated in 2020
Wandile Mnono

” My animal health qualification has taught me how to interagate work, also on how to deal with farmers through Veterinary Extension Services

Diploma in Animal Health
Year Course Duration

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Why Choose Tardi

Comprehensive Excellence

Our institution is committed to excellence through practice, offering a dynamic learning environment that integrates high-quality academic and practical skills training.

Leading Tertiary Education

Choose us for our dedication to being a leading tertiary education institution in Animal Health and sustainable Rural Development across the Eastern Cape and the sub-continent.

Holistic Skill Development

Experience a curriculum that not only emphasizes academic excellence but also provides hands-on practical training, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for future success.

Community Impact

Join us in our mission to facilitate, coordinate, and promote primary animal health and rural wealth creation. Contribute to positive change through adaptive agricultural research and agri-business.

Global Perspective

Opt for an institution that goes beyond borders. Our vision extends to South Africa and the sub-continent, offering a global perspective and preparing you for diverse challenges in Animal Health and Rural Development.

Innovative Approach

Select an institution known for its dynamic and innovative approach to education. We continually strive to stay at the forefront of the field, ensuring you receive the latest knowledge and practices in Animal Health.